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Best Wheel Game Platforms for Crypto Gambling by Stake.Today

Play over 2,000 games with BTC, ETC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP and TRX. Stake is a part of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, and this gives the best guarantee on our casino’s reliability. We are the best crypto casino, and you can see this by reading players’ reviews on the forums.

Stake Today Presents Best Crypto Wheel

Our bitcoin casino is proud to present to you the Wheel — a popular and addictive game originated from famous TV shows! Place any crypto currency bets and win! Crypto Wheel offers 15 different modes with individually adjustable risk level and payout ratio.

Game Features

What other game could be easier and more fun than Crypto Wheel? You can only say this about bones, where you also do not need to strain your brain to learn any strategies. Winning in our Crypto Wheel depends on chance, which means that you have a great opportunity to try your luck.

Below are the main features of our Wheel game at Stake casino.

Provably Fair

As part of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, Stake casino upholds a high level of responsibility when it comes to provably fair. The results of most games can be verified by users, including the outcomes of the Wheel game.

Proprietary software, created by the company’s own developers, has not only been tested and certified by the various countries’ regulatory services but also received a positive assessment from independent experts who have published the results of their game research in open access.

You can check your client’s and server’s code of each game by yourself by clicking the “Control” button on the game panel.

Lowest House Edge

Our casino has only a 1% advantage for the Wheel game. This means that 99% is left to the players! Experienced gamblers know that this baseline edge can be rarely seen in online or offline casinos.

Game Settings – Stake Basics

To start the game, place a cryptocurrency bet and set the parameters — automatic or manual mode, risk level, and the number of sectors.

Auto vs Manual Mode

Depending on your gaming style and preferences, you can choose the auto or manual game mode.

The benefit of the manual mode is that you control the wheel’s rotation and thus experience a pleasant tension anticipating your win.

On the contrary, the player in automatic mode is only an observer, so it does not bring any emotions. However, in auto mode, you do not have to oversee every spin and deal with other matters while the platform helps you win!

Betting Options

At Stake casino, you can choose various wheel game options: the amount of the cryptocurrency bet, the multiplier, the level of risk, and the number of sectors on the game wheel.

The selection logic is simple — the fewer sectors there are on the wheel, the lower the level of risk will be, which means the more likely the selected sector will fall out. As you can see, it is very simple and clear even for a beginner!

In the auto mode, you can also choose the number of bets, the action on win and loss, as well as stop loss and stop profit.

Risk Levels

The risk level settings — low, middle, and high — are to be selected depending on your bet. If you don’t want to risk a large bet, choose the setting with the minimal risk. In this case, your winnings can increase by almost ten times. On the other hand, if you spin the wheel for maximum risk, the odds of winning may reach x49.5!

Sectors Count

Here are the basic characteristics of the game sectors:

  • 10 is the minimum number of sectors. In the Low mode, the maximum winning coefficient is 1.5, in the Middle – 3, in the High – 9.9.
  • 20 sectors – in the Low mode the maximum winning coefficient is 1.5, in the Middle – 3, in the High – 19.8.
  • 30 sectors – in the Low mode the maximum winning coefficient is 1.5, in the Middle – 4, in the High – 29.7.
  • 40 sectors – in the Low mode the maximum winning coefficient is 1.5, in the Middle – 3, in the High – 39.6.
  • 50 sectors – in the Low mode the maximum winning coefficient is 1.5, in the Middle – 5, in the High – 49.5.

Getting Started

If this is your first visit on our website, then first you will need to register. In order to do this, you just need to put in your email address or use your social networks account and choose a login and password. Also, you have to provide your date of birth in order to confirm you are at least 18.

The next step is to replenish your deposit with crypto coins. Then select a game, set its parameters, and place a bet. Take into account the fact that the casino has some of the lowest house edges, from 1 to 3% depending on the game, so your chances of winning are quite high.

Increase Your Winning Chances in Crypto Wheel

Stake Wheel is a fair game. We provide you with all of the tools to help you increase your chances of winning.

If you make larger bets or choose higher risks, you have more chances to win big. In Stake’s Wheel game, you can choose whatever level of risk and amount of bet feel comfortable to you. For starters, you may choose high risk and 10 segments to get a maximum payout of 9.9x.

Get Best BTC Bonuses to Play Free Crypto Wheel Today!

We do not offer any welcome bonuses. Is this a good or a bad thing? We think that’s good, as it guarantees instant payouts of your winnings. Nevertheless, there are some generous bonuses in our casino, such as:

  • Conquer the Casino;
  • Drops and Wins;
  • VIP Challenge;
  • Slot Challenge;
  • Weekly $100,000 Giveaway;
  • Affiliate Race.

Apart from those, there are regular tournaments and featured promotions.


In order to receive a signup bonus, the user must first create an account at the casino and, in some cases, verify the account information. After the registration, the player receives a welcome bonus, which can come in the form of a certain amount of coins, free spins, or a combination of both!


To deposit money into your account, you can use electronic vouchers that can be bought online. The voucher holder has the right to fund his balance with the sum of the voucher to participate in all games of our casino.

Great Referral Share

Each user can become a partner of the Stake Casino. There is a referral link available in the corresponding section. For each bet of your referrals, you get a commission. Moreover, you can take part in affiliate competitions to win valuable prizes.

Rains in Chat

There is activity in our website’s forum, which is a great sign for the company. On average, there are from 500 to 800 online forum users every day. Rain is a chat feature that allows active users to receive free money. The rain is received randomly and distributed by a bot.


Crypto casino’s faucets are one of the main strategy tools to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies. The general principle of such faucets is simple: visit the website and do an elementary task in order to receive a reward of a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

The idea is to educate people on how to use bitcoins, how to open and manage a bitcoin wallet, and how to keep their bitcoin safe. This has allowed a lot of people to enter the world of bitcoin and buy coins to play at our crypto casino.

Lucky Winners Statistics at Stake

Your winnings in the Wheel game depend on your luck and boldness! There have been numerous lucky winners at Stake casino, including the user Jamiearlooktoo, who caught the amazing 49.5x multiplier, and an anonymous user that bet 2 BTC and multiplied it by 3 winning the total of 6 BTC!

There are the daily statistics of all games at Stake casino. You can see, anyone can win — it is all up to chance!


Is Stake best crypto casino site out there?

Without a slightest doubt, our casino is one of the world’s crypto-gambling leaders. As a confirmation to this fact, there are numerous independent ratings that you can find on the Internet.

Is bitcoin gambling legal?

Gambling with bitcoins and other crypto coins is legalized in most countries, including New Zealand and Canada. However, there are places where it is illegal, like the USA, Australia, or only allowed with a special license, like in the United Kingdom.
Our crypto casino is registered in the jurisdiction of Curacao. This is the most common form of casino legalization adopted by most online gambling websites.

Does Stake have a mobile app for playing wheel games?

There is no mobile application, but our website is fully adapted to operating on mobile gadgets on Android and iOS platforms.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play wheel games at Stake?

You can deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH, XRP, EOS, and TRX.

Are there wheel game tournaments at Stake?

Currently, there are no Crypto Wheel tournaments. However, keep tabs on our promotion page — regular tournaments in different games appear there.

What is the current value of Bitcoin at Stake?

Currently, 1 BTC equals $35,255.67 at Stake casino.