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Stake Terms of Use

A user confirms the Agreement by using the Service and during the registration process by hitting the “I Agree” box. The current Agreement is prior to any other notifications and information concerning the use of the Service.

The following terms of use clarify all possible relationships between a company holding the Stake online casino (Medium Rare N2.V.) and a Player.


  • The company grants a visitor a right to use all the services, games, offers, and other website content. The right is not exclusive, personal, and non-transferable. It means that you cannot let other people use Stake.Today from your account. People under 18 cannot use the Website.
  • It will be checked during the KYC procedure of verification. Everyone entering the website from a location where online gambling or bookmaking is prohibited should note that they break the law.
  • Stake Today cannot check the legal base of every possible country, it isn’t responsible for the legal consequences a gambler might face.


Stake does not make any warranties for the clients. It cannot guarantee that the Service is 100% error-proof and all the errors can be solved. The Service has a right to assign the Agreement on the whole or partially. A user might not assign their rights.


  • Stake has full control over the Service, and it has the full power to change, close, and maintain the Service and all its components.
  • Management of Stake.today has a right to a final decision during problem resolution and all the aspects of service application.
  • The decision of the management is final and is not available for appeal or review. The Agreement with the Service falls under the laws and jurisdiction of Curacao. A user agrees that the courts of this state have exclusive jurisdiction rights.

Player Representation

By using the Stake.Today website, the player undertakes and agrees to the following.

  • There is a risk of losing cryptocurrency, and Stake.Today is not liable to a user for any such loss.
  • A visitor uses the Service at their discretion and risk.
  • A user is solely responsible for any applicable taxes that may be levied on cryptocurrency awarded to you through your use of the Service.
  • Telecommunication networks and Internet access services required to access and use the online, live casino or sports betting platform are completely outside the control of Stake today.
  • Stake team is not responsible for any disruptions, slowness, bandwidth limitations, or other deficiencies affecting your gameplay.
  • A player is 18 years of age or older, they have reached the age of people available to gamble in their jurisdiction, they are accessing the gambling website from a jurisdiction where it is permitted by law.
  • You are not currently self-excluded from any gambling sites or gambling establishments, and you will promptly inform Stake if you enter into a self-exclusion agreement with any gambling provider.

Stake Today Prohibitions

There is a number of prohibitions that a user must learn before getting into the Service:

  • The Service is designed for personal use only. A user must not give login and password to other people or let them enter the account by other means.
  • It is impossible to create multiple accounts by one person as well. Multiple accounts are possible only if they are approved by the Stake Today staff.
  • All criminal activities are prohibited to the user of Our Website. Such activities include money laundering, terrorist financing, and other activities that break the law.
  • Users from a number of countries (the United States, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovakia, etc.) are restricted from using the Service. The residents of other countries, where online gambling is not prohibited, are not permitted to use the Service if they are situated in restricted countries.
  • An attempt to provide false information or use any means of location hiding means an automatic break of this Agreement.
  • You must not use the weak parts of the Service and errors in your favour.
  • Users must not violate the bonus offers, accumulate the money and not meet wager requirements. It is not allowed to use the Service as the platform for promoting any third-party services and offers.


  • The Service has a right to ask a user for any document falling under the KYC classification. It can be done for Identity Verification. We can stop any deposit or withdrawal transaction until a user uploads the required documents.
  • Also, the Service has a right to disclose this personal information for reasons listed in the corresponding Privacy Policy on Stake.Today website. The documents that might be required include identity documents (passport, ID card, driver’s license, and others, utility bills and other proofs of physical address, and banking information, including a partially covered bank plastic card).

Terms Breach

  • In case of the breach of the following Agreement, Our Team has a right to penalize a User correspondingly (stop or terminate the account, deprive of bonuses and account money, or start the legal action against a user).
  • A user agrees to protect the Stake service, its staff and partners from any fees, damages, and losses in case of breaking the current Agreement, breaking the laws, or inappropriate use of the Service.

Liability: Warranties and Limitations

  • Stake is not liable for any damage (physical and mental) caused by using the Service. It happens even if the Service is warned about possible damages.
  • If a user wants to start a dispute with Us, a request to customer support should be sent. If the dispute is not resolved in the user’s favour, they can escalate it to the court of the country of registration.
  • Nothing in the Agreement is created to bring benefits for any third-party that does not concern a user or the Service.
  • The Agreement does not imply creating a partnership or any other kind of cooperation between the Service and a user.
  • The Agreement and further usage of the Service imply that a user fully understands everything stated in it.