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Responsible Gambling – Why Is It Important?

Responsible gambling is a set of measures aimed to protect and eliminate the negative aftereffects of gambling. It concerns both players and platforms. The main reason to apply it is to make gambling safe and enjoyable. It includes:

  1. Prevention of underage gambling — aimed to follow the laws of the countries where gambling is applied. In the majority of them, any kind of gambling is prohibited for everyone under 18 (21 or 22) years old.
  2. Privacy protection — aimed to protect gamblers’ personal information. In this case, measures are expressed by casino protection means and tips of new and already existing users.
  3. Anti-criminal measures — aimed to eliminate everything that can violate the laws (money laundering, taxation violations, etc.
  4. A secure online environment protects players from gambling impacts on mental and physical health, social communication, and other spheres of a human’s life.
  5. Protection of vulnerable gamblers implies creating safety measures for people affected by the negative effects of gambling and those who are presupposed to the addiction.
  6. Ethical marketing concerns preventing casinos from aggressive advertising and lies in promotions.
  7. Protection of online payments is meant to make all transactions transparent and safe, including the protection of users’ banking data.

All concern users’ safety. Here we disclose how Stake Today applies responsible gambling and shares information about it.

What Is It?

The Responsible Gambling Initiative (RGI) is a framework for identifying and mitigating gambling-related harm. It includes:

  • Hotlines and services that help addicted people.
  • Transparent operation of casinos.
  • Website and service protection measures.
  • Information and tips about responsible gambling, such as rules of behavior in online casinos.
  • Investigations and legal actions concerning fraudulent activities of casino members in online casinos.

Responsible gambling is one of the main concerns of governments and local gambling commissions.

How Does It Solve the Problem of Gambling?

Responsible gambling solves the following problems:

  • Excessive gambling. Sometimes gambling becomes the first and the only task for a player in his/her life. Different limitations and self-control tips exist to cut off the time and resources consumed by gambling.
  • Mental and health problems. To reduce these effects, responsible gambling includes therapies, seminars, hotlines, and articles that help provide self-control and find safe online casinos.
  • User’s privacy and safety. Responsible gambling lays a number of regulations by the gambling commissions upon casinos. Casinos must follow them to acquire licenses.
  • Underage gambling. Real money casinos conduct identity checks to prevent the problem.

In general, gambling lays individual effects upon each player. Consequently, gambling problems are individual. General responsible gambling regulations cannot solve them all, but they open access to the personal approach and self-control.

Has Responsible Gambling Changed during the COVID-19?

Pandemic has limited tourism, outdoor activities, and everything concerning offline casinos. Many people found it convenient to gamble online. Online casinos gained many new customers who might not be aware of proper behavior in online casinos.

At the same time, the pandemic has crushed economics, and many people lost their salaries or even jobs. The share of people trying to find gambling as a source of income has risen.

The responsible gambling sphere has faced new problems, such as total money losses, depression, and anxiety among gamblers. Responsible gambling has included recommendations about leisure choice and money management awareness.

How Can You Gamble Responsibly?

There are many recommendations concerning online gambling that users can apply. The simplest of them is making your gambling hobby public. Do not make a secret of it, but tell a relative or a close friend.

Stake Today Tips

Here are more tips that will help you prevent the addiction and apply responsible approach to gambling:

  1. Gamble only if you enjoy the fun. If you start losing positive emotions from gambling, stop doing it.
  2. Always read all the rules and Terms and Conditions of a casino and its bonuses.
  3. Set different means of spending limitations. For instance, you can use the casino means or limit a bank card.
  4. Play according to the plan. Divide your gambling budget into stakes. Do not exceed your spending plan.
  5. Do not watch how people surrounding you gamble. It is about you and the casino, so control yourself when you hear or read about big stakes and wins.
  6. It is advisable not to consume anything like drugs and alcohol during a gamble session.
  7. Start gambling only if you are in a good mood for that. Do not gamble if you are upset or feel depression.

What are Responsible Gaming Programs in 2021?

Besides the tips, there are programs aimed to apply responsible gambling. They include self-control, different legal procedures that limit users’ capabilities to gamble.

Casino Software Tools

  • Deposit Limits

In some online casinos, you can set a deposit limit per particular terms. Usually, you need to ask the support team of the casino about it. Sometimes, casinos offer to use automatic forms. However, Stake.com doesn’t have the option. We recommend players to use banking options to achieve the same result.

  • Self Exclusion

There are several means to exclude oneself from gambling. One of them is a request to the casino support about freezing an account. Such an account will not be terminated, but a user will not be able to use it.

  • Payment History

Some casinos allow you to observe payment and gambling history. Users can observe the expenses on the sphere and set the suitable budget.

Help & Treatment Centers

Here are the most popular help and treatment centres online:

  • Gamstop is one of the most popular self-control services. It helps quit gambling in the casinos that cooperate with the service. A gambler can leave personal data in the service, and it will share the ban to register and play in the online casinos. The only minus is that the service is available only for UK residents.
  • Responsible Gambling Council is one of the most popular services for Canadian gamblers. It works with minor companies and provides hotlines and other kinds of information about responsible gaming and awareness about addiction.
  • BeGambleAware is an England-based portal about responsible gambling. It provides consulting about safe gambling and helps addicted people with information and useful contacts.


AML (anti-money laundering). This criminal activity is a scourge of many spheres, including casinos. The pack of regulations applied by license issuers requires casinos to share all incomes and conduct independent auditions. It also makes them give away some banking information belonging to clients to prevent money frauds.

KYC (know your client) is a concept of gathering personal information about a client to exclude fraudulent activity and or money laundering. It requires companies, including online casinos, to gather particular personal information and documents that can prove it.

UYC (understand your customer) is a new level of customer knowledge. It demands a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and capabilities. For casinos, it means, for instance, setting deposit limits according to the age and social status of a client.

All the programs require gathering personal information, tracking all the account changes, and applying the personal approach to each client.


How many problem gamblers are in the USA?

Different sources give various data. According to the NCRG, there is one percent of American citizens who have faced problems with gambling. Skywood Recovery claims that about ten million Americans have faced problems with gambling addiction.

Why do some people get addicted to online casino play?

There are many reasons. Poor addiction awareness, a willingness to win, and even temper peculiarities might become causes of the addiction. Every situation is individual and usually, there is a combination of various factors.

Online casinos don’t care, do they?

No, casinos do care. First, they do not want to cause addiction because of their reputation. It is difficult to get licenses, and every new severe case of addiction makes gambling regulators more demanding to casino operators. Second, casinos want to avoid scaring off new clients. Third, casinos want to wash off the reputation of gambling as a dangerous activity. That is why almost all of them warn about responsible gambling somehow.