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Privacy & Security – Stake Policy

The following privacy policy concerns the company that holds Stake casino (Medium Rare N2.V.), its affiliates, and its users. The following rules set how the personal information the service collects is being collected, stored, protected, and shared.

Use of Our Website

All the attempts to use or create a user’s account at the website Stake and its services means the automatic agreement with all the terms and rules of use by a client. A client also agrees with the changes that can be applied to them. These amendments are valid from their appearance on the website. If a client continues using the website, they accept all the changes by default. The rules are not valid for any websites that might be linked to the Stake portal or the websites the business holder cannot control.

Collection of Personal Information

The stake collects different types of information. One part is given by a user. Two main sources of such information are direct communication and the information used for registration. The last category includes:

  • name and surname
  • physical address
  • mobile phone number which can be checked by the SMS
  • actual date of birth that must correlate with the legal documents
  • preferences that are submitted by a user personally

This information is brought in two ways: by a user during filling in the registration form and by uploading the legal documents (utility bills, card or banking account photos, governmental ID’s, etc.) for the KYC procedure. Direct communication with the casino staff can contain the following personal information:

  • account details (language, currency used)
  • requests
  • dialogues

Personal information can also be collected by the in-built casino scripts and side services (like Google Analytics). in this case, casino stores:

  • location
  • device information (model, MAC address, etc.)
  • IP address

Stake might also store the history of billing done within the casino, session logs, website surfing experience, and anything else collected with the help of cookies and other website scripts.
Data Gathering Purposes
The company has several reasons to collect users’ personal information. Each of them is legal and does not imply transferring it to any strange third party. The main reasons include:

  • KYC – know-your-client procedure implies verification of the user’s personality. It is required both by laws and gambling regulations of particular countries and effective marketing strategies.
  • User’s intent to learn about Stake Casino updates and offers requires such pieces of personal info like phone, email, and physical address.
  • Without personal information, proper creation and processing of the website account is impossible, as well as the use of Stake casino services and games.
  • These services and games must be improved according to the user’s experience, so personal information is required.
  • Personal information is required for proper member identification and the legal obligations of the service.
  • The improvement and proper performance of the support department require different pieces of user’s personal information.
  • Also, the data is needed to process, confirm, conduct, and close any legal claims as well as for eliminating and preventing any kind of illegal activity.
  • Finally, it is needed for the market research, accounting, and other procedures conducted for Stake performance and improvement.

In case a user does not want to provide personal information, the Stake service has a right to stop their membership or prevent them from using the services. Using the Stake service means the automatic agreement for processing, collecting, and disclosing users’ personal information for each of the purposes listed.


The service has a right to inform a user about promotions, service updates, improvements of the service, and other news of the website. Stake online casino will use all the communication means for it (email messages, phone calls, mail, or SMS messages).

Email Opt-Out

A user, on the other hand, has a right to refuse to get such information. For it, a corresponding request must be sent to the support department of Stake, to their email address support@stake.today. Such a restriction does not prevent the service from periodic contact with a user concerning membership or account management.

Data Management

The company holds and collects personal information only for the purposes described above. The information will be in use as long as it is required by the law or as long as a client uses the services. In case Stake does not need it anymore, it will delete or de-identify the data.

A user has a right to access personal information in the “Settings” section of a website or by sending a corresponding request to the support department. The company will try to meet the request and provide a user with all possible personal data that concerns them it holds. If the request is impossible to meet fully, the company will do everything possible to satisfy it. At the same time, the company will not disclose information that will jeopardize the privacy of the other users or personalities.

The company might transfer the personal data to locations different from users’ places of living. It might happen when the laws that concern data storage vary in different countries. The company is obliged to protect the information during transfers.


On the other hand, Stake cannot give a 100% guarantee that the personal information will always be fully secured and there is no possibility to steal it, as there are no ultimate and safe ways to store information. So a company must warn that a user risks any personal information they transfer to the company. From its side, a company will take reasonable steps to protect information by using password-sealed technologies and SSL encryption.

At the same time, the company emphasizes that it cannot be responsible for the information made public by a user. The company will do everything possible (stopping account management, deleting information, blocking funds) to prevent underaged users from gambling. However, Stake is sure that the main responsibility for the child’s Internet activity is laid upon parents.

The company gives some tips concerning safe account management. For instance, a user must not leave the computer for long during a gambling session. Each of them must be finished properly. It is advisable not to save the login and password in accessible ways like browser tools. The company says that a user is a final person who is responsible for the security of their computers and devices.