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Best Crypto Games at Stake Casino – Play to Win!

Enter that brand-new kind of gambling on Stake Today. We’ve gathered the best blockchain games that have an entirely different essence from everything you’ve seen before. Learn everything about the new way to earn crypto with fun and heat.

Why Crypto Gambling?

Crypto gaming is a relatively new kind of traditional casino games.

The main difference between old and new casino games is in the way of payments. In the past, every casino accepted your money and converted it into special currency or in the one that you’ve selected during registration. The same with cryptocurrencies. The new games connect to your BTC account directly, making all the transactions swifter. They do not need conversations either. It happens because the games are written on the blockchain platform, the technology that is used in all cryptocurrencies.

The other important concept that enters the technology is called provably fairness. It means that every player can play a provably fair game that generates a hand keeping it in a hashe that can be verified. A player enters the results and is confident that the play wes not affected by anyone. Each player gets a private key and a possibility to compare the hash sums.

Here are some more strong and weak sides of cryptocurrency gaming. Note that the sphere is still being developed, and new improvements and changes come every day.

Pros Cons
The speed of cashouts equals the speed of building a new block in the chain. For BTC, it takes about fifteen minutes. As the sphere is still in its development, the number of games is limited. You will find some simple games, but their number cannot be compared with a traditional online casino.
All the games are elementary. They do not require much knowledge, but a BTC wallet. The number of casinos that accept cryptos is not as big as we desire. The number of casinos with provably fair games is even lower. Hopefully, you are at Stake, where everything is possible.
The games are provably transparent and protected from any outside impact. The results can be found in the public domain. As the games depend on control and blockchain, there is no governmental regulation over such activities. And the situation with possible legislation and limitations is not predictable at all. It is up to you to consider it a disadvantage or not.
All the games are anonymous and do not require additional personal data to be entered. Anonymity makes it difficult to gauge how much of an impact it may have on youth..
The games have transparent odds in addition to the transparent structure. So, they might be less risky than titles from renowned vendors Cryptocurrencies are not backed up by fiat money (at least, the most popular of them). Their volatility is not stable.

Provably Fair Concept

Let’s consider the provable fairness in detail. In general, the term refers to the algorithms that give the ability to check the original code of the game. Such ability must be given by the means of the game operator.

Besides the games, provable fairness algorithms can be used in the following activities:

  • giveaways;
  • digital treasure hunts;
  • stocks and currency exchanges.

However, in most, the concept concerns online casinos. An online casino gives a player an encrypted hash of the server before the start of the game. With this hash, a player can check the server seed and the responses of the game to the player’s actions. The main point here is that the hash is encrypted, and the game operator cannot know it. All the algorithms in the game are transparent, as well as the results.

At Stake.com, you will find the provably fair games at the section called Stake Originals (do not confuse them with Stake Exclusives!). As soon as you are logged in, you can play the games. Here is a quick guide to get started:

  • log in the service;
  • get to the Stake Originals;
  • chose the game or search by the provider or name;
  • get your unique hash;
  • play the game;
  • find the link Fairness or Fairness check;
  • enter your client’s seed and other requirements;
  • get to the results.

You can reach us for more detailed instructions. However, the system is elementary, even if you are a novice to blockchain technology.

Stake Originals: Best Blockchain Games of 2023

Blockchain games use a number of algorithms, has sums, and unique numbers for operations.

Their code is built on the principle of adding new blocks of data as a response to the player’s actions.

There are 3 main advantages of the games. We’ve already mentioned transparency and simplicity in the table above. The last advantage is the variety of Stake Original collection.

You can experience up to sixteen games now, and their number grows. All the games have the gameplay slightly different from what you get used to in traditional casinos. On the other hand, some games are built on traditional table games and slot rules.

First, the new gamers will not face much complicity that can occur in traditional games. Experienced professionals must not miss a chance to dilute their routine. These games are perfect for both relaxing and profitable gambling sessions.

Below, you will see a brief description of each game.

  • Baccarat – is a famous French card game with complicated rules. It is slightly similar to Blackjack.
  • Blackjack – probably, it does not need much explanation. Get 21 points or more than a dealer, and you win.
  • Blue Samurai (slot) – it is a nice slot game with some Asian vibes. It uses a complicated blockchain number generator.
  • Crash – a simple game for intuition. You need to stop the multiplier right before it disappears.
  • Diamonds – are a variation of poker. Bet on the number of diamonds in the next round, and hope they will be enough for you to win.
  • Dice is a simple game where you have to bet on how the dice will fall. It looks like traditional craps, but a bit simplified.
  • Hilo – one of the simplest card games. You need to guess if the next card is higher than the actual one or lower.
  • Keno – one of the simplest kinds of a lottery. Choose ten numbers that must fall in the next round of the game.
  • Limbo looks very similar to Crash. Here, you must beat the house and make the closest guess to the result.
  • Mines look like the famous Windows standard game. You are to guess all the safe spots, without hitting a mine.
  • Plinko is the blockchain adaptation of the famous entertainment. You need to guess where the ball lands.
  • Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that does not need a description.
  • Scarab Spin is another variation of the slot game. This time, you are getting a familiar Egyptian theme.
  • Slide is a game where you need to slide the multiplier and hope for luck.
  • Video Poker is a simplified game with familiar rules.
  • Wheel is a blockchain variation of the Wheel of Luck.

Stake Exclusives: IP Slots (2%-4% House Edge)

In this section, you will find traditional games. However, there is one peculiarity – you are not going to find them anywhere else. These games are produced according to the exclusive Stake order by different third-party vendors. Here is what you can play:

  • Book of Stake has been inspired by the famous Book of Doom slots.
  • Book of Tribes is a cool slot with a South-American theme and interesting features.
  • Club will send you to the world of luxury and exclusiveness. Only for genuine Stake lovers!
  • Demi Gods II is our response to the numerous mythological slots.
  • Demi Gods III is the third part of the franchise. More gods, more features, and more chances to win are waiting for you.
  • Fire Queen is an interesting game with outstanding design and heroic vibes.
  • Jurassic Park is inspired by the same-name franchise.
  • Majestic King is our animal slot.
  • Million is an attempt to return to the classics of slot games.
  • Pearl Diver will take you into the fabulous atmosphere of the deeps sea.
  • Winners Gold is a cool slot machine with big prizes and interesting gameplay.

Popular Slots for Bitcoin Gambling

There are 2064 slot machines at Stake. As we accept cryptos, they all fit Bitcoin gambling. Razor Shark, Book of Shadows, and Green Knight are the most popular games at the moment. The main advantage of these games and slots, on the whole, is a significant number of interesting features and bonus games.

Game Shows

They are considered to be a variation of the live dealer games. Each game has unique rules. What is more, fabulous cruppers will make it even more fun. Crazy time and Mega Ball are the most popular. Try them if you are tired of regular slots and table games.

New Releases

Only with Stake, you have a chance to experience all brand-new games among the first players. Each of our numerous providers put the freshest games here. Again, it is a good alternative for the casino routine.

Feature Buy-in

Buy-in feature is an ability to improve the game for a small fee. In an in-built shop, you will be suggested different bonuses including mini-games, skipping the regular game, and increasing the probability of the Wild or Scatter appearance. There are 250 games in this Stake category. Try them if you would like to increase your chances or feel that luck is leaving you.

Crypto Games with Live Dealers

Live dealer games are built using specialized software for controls being combined with the live-action playing process. A dealer rules the game, and you can place bets, like in a real table game. Including the already mentioned shows, there are twenty-three live games. It is the best way to visit a real casino without leaving your home.

Table Games for Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

To be honest, nothing can compare with never-dying classics because a real casino is not only a win. It is a unique atmosphere of being at the table, placing a risky stake that makes everyone gasp, and getting a win, accompanied by applause and envy. Here is everything that Stake has in the category of table games.


There are seven virtual simulators and live streams of this American card game. Playing vs the dealer, you need to get 21 points (different cards have a different value) and be confident that a dealer gets less. Get more than 21 and you are busted. This game is quick and challenging.


There are five games, including the blockchain and a couple of live versions. Baccarat is an interesting game considered to be an elite among casino activities. If you are sick and tired of poker, it is time and a great opportunity to try something new.


Each of thirteen roulette games is exciting. You should try everything, starting from live European and American variants, and finishing with the blockchain version. A simple but very attractive game is a true symbol of casinos and gambling.

Crypto Sports Betting

Stake is not just an online casino but a powerful betting platform as well. Have a rest from your casino activities and try to predict the result of more than forty kinds of sports. We are proud of the collection of international and local leagues. Also, we’ve got some interesting eSports for modern bettors.

Discover Top Game Providers at Stake

The collection of crypto games includes more than a thousand unique titles. It is possible owing to the tight cooperation with the best software vendors. In the table below, you will learn the essentials about them.

Game Developer Established Country Number of Games
Relax Gaming 2010 Finland about 100
NoLimit City 2014 Malta 46 slots
iSoftBet 2010 England 400
Hacksaw Gaming 2018 Malta 75
Push Gaming 2010 England 28
Pragmatic Play 2015 Gibraltar more than 100
Red Tiger 2014 Isle of Man 183
Netent 1996 Sweden more than 200
Microgaming 1994 Isle of Man more than 850
Gamomat 2008 Germany 250
Yggdrasil 2013 Poland, Malta about 70
Evolution Gaming 2006 Sweden 3700
Stake Team 2017 Curaçao 29

Crypto Gambling: Stake Guide for Beginners

First, you need to get some cryptocurrency. The best way to get it is to make an exchange on one of the platforms or stocks. Coinbase and Square are the most popular and reliable ones.

Then, you need to get the wallet. You can choose from the physical, application, and online variants. Apps and online services are convenient, but physical storage is the most secure.

The last step is passing registration in Stake. It is easy, but get your ID ready to prove that you are at least 18 years old.

Tips & Tricks You Want Know Before Playing with Cryptocurrency

All the counting is conducted in the cryptocurrency, so it is better to learn the actual exchange course every time you sit to play and count BTC into fiat money in mind. Also, do not start with big stakes. Learn how the game acts and what are the main principles. Finally, do not tell anyone about your wallets, keys, etc. At last, we suggest not to keep all the winning in cryptos. Exchange at least half of your winnings back for fiat money.


What bonuses can I receive from Stake Today?

There are twenty different promotions for the Stake casino section. In most, these are tournaments, giveaways, and new slot promotions.

What are limits for deposits and withdrawals?

There are no withdrawal limits set by the casino. The depositing limits are $10 or their equivalents.

What is the minimum bet at crypto games?

The minimal bet in every game equals 0.00000001 BTC.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play games at Stake Casino?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron are available in crypto games.

Is blockchain gambling the future of crypto online casinos?

Yes, it will probably change the game development sphere owing to easiness, convenience, and transparency.

Are crypto games available in the AppStore or Google Play?

You can try to find them, but it is always better and more secure to play in specialized places, like Stake.com

What are NFT games?

NFT games operate under such a term as NFT (non-fungible tokens), which are the implementation of all the digital assets. Each token is unique, unchangeable and can be tightened to everything, including a game. It is a way to prove the originality of the digital asset. NFT games assign such tokens to the winnings, making them provable and exterminating all chances to steal them.