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Cryptocurrencies are the newest trend in casino payments. Being established in 2008, Bitcoin and other currencies have entered every sphere of our lives rapidly. Now, online casinos gladly accept them as payment, and here are the best of them.

How We Made Our TOP List of Ethereum Casinos

First of all, obviously, we pick only those casinos that accept Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Even if the casino is the best by all versions, but it does not accept cryptos, it does not belong here. Also, we analyze the ways and technologies the casinos use for ETH transfers, storage, and games. Consider some more factors that affect the ranking in our top:

  • Lowest house edge – this ratio expresses the average profit the casino gets from every bet placed by players. The lower ratio means more loyalty and opportunities for the visitors, so the rank is higher;
  • High limits for cashouts – it is the second important factor that expresses the limitations for withdrawal. The more casino lets Etherium players take, the higher is its rank in the list;
  • Wide selection of games – of course, a good casino is a casino with lots of interesting, fun, and high-quality games. There should be several kinds of games (not slots only, for instance);
  • Transparency of TCs of casinos – if a casino works with famous vendors and software providers, it can be trusted by players as well. We look at the number and quality of partner companies. Also, we watch if there are games with no vendors. Also, we check if the terms and conditions of the casino are transparent and clear. They must not contain any hidden rules favoring the casino;
  • Provably fair technology – if the casino uses Ethereum blockchain technology properly, without any attempts to affect the game result, it is a good casino that deserves to be highly ranked. The algorithm checks the fairness towards casino players. It generates the key that lets everyone observe the game results to prove fairness using the other key. Etherium games need special attention. That is why here it is one of the most crucial factors of ranking;
  • Fast banking for real money transactions – if the casino works well with Ethereum Bitcoin transactions, it must not underestimate fiat money as well. We look at the speeds of transactions and the security delays that may occur during withdrawals!

ETH As A Casino Payment Option

Etherium is a decentralized platform (it means it works on thousands of devices simultaneously, with no exact owner) that grants an opportunity to exchange virtual money. After Bitcoin appeared in 2008, a young software developer Vitalik Buterin suggested the alternative platform with the option of an appliance in every device called Etherium 2013. The main principle of the future platform was the coordination with the Turing-completeness taking the form of the decentralized computer.

Another key feature of Etherium is programmed transparency (everybody can see the piece of code needed) and the inability to edit (nobody can change the code). At the same time, Ethereum gives more opportunities to experiment with the code creating decentralized applications. It is the main difference between Bitcoin and Etherium.

All the cryptos can work due to smart-contract technology. It is a blockchain-based application or software that has a form of a digital agreement and is presupposed by the computer code. Smart contacts let users conclude agreements without knowing each other and signing any documents. If the conditions of the agreements are not followed, the smart-contact is annulated. Casinos apply smart contacts, which allows them to accept cryptocurrencies with ease.

Why does ETH cost so much? Etherium and other coins as much as the number of acquired investments. The more popular cryptocurrency gets, the more ways to apply it appear, the more popular it becomes, and the more capitalization it has. In addition, the Ethereum platform is a relatively old cryptocurrency that had enough time to prove its reliability.

Ethereum vs Crypto vs Fiat at Online Casino

Now, let’s compare some popular withdrawal and deposit ways usual for casinos and pick the best one.

Why ETH is better than BTC?

  • Smart-contract technology, which is not obligatory for Bitcoin, raises the trustworthiness of Etherium;
  • Ethereum is connected with a new sphere of cryptocurrency application known as non-refundable tokens;
  • The overwhelming popularity of Bitcoins is clumsy assistance for its exchange rate: it can rise and fall rapidly. Ethereum’s exchange rate is not that vulnerable!

Why is Crypto Better than Fiat?

  • Bitcoin and Etherium transfer speed is much faster than any fiat money transactions and exchanges made by banks or even electronic wallets;
  • Casinos might not accept some selected fiat money currencies. Ethereum has no country diversification;
  • As a rule, ETH casino takes minimal or no fees for ETH or BTC transactions;
  • Fiat money transfers are more vulnerable, so they might require additional security checks, while Ether is more secure due to smart-contacts!

Daps (Defi)

As it has been mentioned before, ETH gambling and other operations are tightly bonded with Decentralized applications (Dapps). Briefly, these applications work without backend within a decentralized computer system, in a blockchain, for example. So, the Dapps use the main blockchain advantages: transparency, reliability, and stability of data. According to the stats, more than 2 million unique users use Dapps and conduct over 2 million transactions every day.

While the Etherium and other coins were based on the PoW principle, the new one takes place. It is called PoS (proof of stake). It means that miners can mine blocks with power equal to the number of coins they hold. Compared to the PoW, PoS consumes less energy and hardware resources. It is more secure, and, what is more important, Bitcoin does not accept PoS. Etherium, on the other hand, can do it with ease.


  • Anonymity. Owing to decentralization, there is no definite owner of the platform. It means that nobody can affect it, and all the changes (if they appear) are agreed upon collectively. Also, there is no mechanism for definite user identification. It means you can conduct Etherium operations without the need to give away personal data.
  • Fast Transaction Speed. The transaction speed within the Bitcoin Ethereum blockchains correlates with the speed of creating a new block. Bitcoin builds a block every 15 minutes, while ETH can do it in a couple of minutes.
  • Security. Smart contacts and transparency of the blockchain platform make it one of the most secure ways of money transfer. The probability of hacking and affecting the code is excluded by the code itself. Otherwise, the smart contract disappears, and it cannot happen.
  • Small Fees. Both ETH gambling and other operations require minimal or no fees that depend not on blockchain but on the current platform first.
  • All-Size Payments. ETH and BTC have no limits concerning exchange and transaction sizes. The processing capability does not depend on third parties like banks and their ability to count and store money!


  • Rates. Cryptocurrency rates can grow and fall rapidly and dramatically. They are not backed by any physical assets or treasures, like fiat money.
  • Average access gap. It might be difficult to master the new technology if you have never heard about cryptos.
  • Reputation. It remains one of the main factors of cryptocurrency trustworthiness.
  • Infrastructure. Even in 2021, it is not sufficient enough for the overall cryptocurrency convenience!
  • Security. Methods of storing cryptos vary in security and safety levels, while fiat money is protected pretty well.

How Do I Get ETH? – Stake Newbie Guide

Maybe, it is the most crucial question. Getting more ETH or BTC has become a global problem and issue. For instance, now, the world suffers from the deficit of transistors and graphic cards due to mining popularity. Here is a brief guide to the most popular ways of getting Etherium


On the whole, mining is a process of adding new blocks to the cryptocurrency blockchain. Mining is based on the so-called Pow (proof of work) mechanism. It means that the blockchain of Etherium and other currencies cannot be changed anyhow. Every block contains information about how it has been created. So, a creator has got virtually physical proof of the work.

So, mining is conducted by solving the difficult computing tasks, where the result is code that is in-built into the block. Usually, the mining requires the resources of the hardware (graphic chips, SSD memory, etc.). So, it is more profitable to get the mining farms: specialized platforms that can launch many graphic chips and unite them to mine cryptos.

BTC-ETH Exchange platforms

On the Internet, there are a lot of various services allowing exchanges between Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. Even other cryptocurrencies aimed to ease the process exist. Probably, you have heard about Coinbase or Binance. The main issue is the fees charged for every transaction.

The more popular a system is, the fewer fees it can charge from a single client. Plus, the online exchange platforms are a favorite aim for hacker attacks. What is more, the exchange ratios of different currencies towards the other cryptocurrencies can vary a lot. Such bonuses are more rapid, frequent, and significant compared to crypto-fiat exchange rates.

Fiat currency exchange platforms

The rise of cryptocurrency application popularity has given birth to the exchanger platforms specializing in the exchanges between fiat and crypto money.

Ether direct transactions

Of course, you can get Ethereum through the inner system of direct transaction. It will work if you make your Ethereum key public. To make more money here, you need to play with the exchange rates or sell things using Ethereum.

How Do I Store Cryptocurrency?

There are different ways to store Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and keep them safe. They differ in ways, security, and trust. Let’s consider the most popular methods:

Paper wallets

They are the most secure way to store Ethereum and other coins. Literally, they are pieces of paper where a long code indicating your wallet and coin assets is indicated.


  • Nobody will learn the code and hack your wallet to steal money, as it is not online.
  • You do not have to worry about storing the paper wallet with a key.


  • It is the most inconvenient way, as you have to fill the long key manually every time.
  • Paper wallets are about storage but not frequent transactions in most.

Hardware wallets

These are the special hardware gadgets (flash memory cards, SD cards, mobile hard drives, etc.) where the special security software stores a key to your crypto accounts.


  • It is a very secure way: the only virtual option to hack it comes only when you have the hardware plugged into a computer.
  • Even in this case, the wallet does not go online, which makes it possible to hack only if the hacking software is somehow installed on your computer.


  • The software on these wallets is not likely to be upgraded.
  • If you lose the hardware, you will lose the coins for good.
  • The hardware has a tendency to wear out and lose its memory properties, so the way is not very good for very frequent uses.

Desktop wallets

These are the pieces of software that are installed on your computer. They are considered to be the second most secure way to store Ethereum.


  • If your computer is safe, your software and the assets are safe as well.
  • Software is likely to be upgraded frequently to be safe from the latest hacking technologies.


  • If your computer does not have any antivirus or firewall programs, you risk your money being stolen.
  • You can face problems restoring information if your operating system crashes completely.

Hot wallets

Hot wallets are the common name of the wide variety of wallets that are connected to the Network. They include mobile applications, desktop software, online exchange platforms, etc.


  • Hot wallets are the fastest way to transfer cryptocurrencies.
  • They are easy to use.


  • Due to the constant Internet connection, they are the most insecure way. The vast majority of attacks aim for hot wallets first.
  • The safety of a hot wallet depends on your Internet behavior first.
  • Literally, you entrust your crypto assets to a third party, and the safety depends on its honesty as well.

What Ethereum Gambling Portal To Choose?

ETH Online Casino Features

  • Game selection: you can play both traditional casino games and so-called games with provable fairness – special games working on the blockchain technology that excludes any kind of transaction;
  • Bonus and promotions – bonuses concern both traditional and new games. As usual, you can count on welcome bonuses, various deposit bonuses, free spins, and events;
  • License or solid reputation among players – all the casinos are licensed and have acknowledgments from the international gambling commissions. In addition, provably fair games gain more trust from new and experienced players;
  • Country restrictions – unfortunately, some restrictions concerning residence remain. For instance, in Game dom, players from the UK, Netherlands, Hungary, and other states cannot register. Check the Terms and Conditions page of every casino to learn more;
  • Provably fair or notcasinos that accept ETC and BTC have launched a new feature called provably fair games. They are based on blockchain technology, so there is nothing to edit in the code. So, they are fair by definition. The other games produced by vendors have the HTML5 code, so there cannot be any certain proof. Look for the vendor info to trust it or not;
  • Other crypto or fiat payments: besides ETH and BTC payments, such casinos can offer other altcoins (Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.,) or many ways of fiat money systems;
  • Cash out limits: they are usually bigger when it comes to ETH. There is no limitation in the system itself, and a casino is not likely to set its own;
  • VIP program: of course, such casinos have VIP programs to reward the most active players. It concerns players depositing with ETH as well!

How to Deposit ETH to Online Casino Site

First, you need to register at a casino. Find the Join now (Sign Up, Create an Account) option on the main page. You will be suggested to leave your info: name, address, phone number, login, and password. Some casinos might require validating the phone or the email address. Then, you have to go to the profile section, where the ID validation option is present. Pass through it, or you will not be able to deposit or withdraw money.

You have your documents checked, and you can make deposits now. Go to the deposit page, and seek the ETH (Etherium) option available. Find it, enter all the information required (your ETH wallet number) and go to the next page. Confirm the transaction and wait until the smart-contact between you and the casino is created.

Best Way to Withdraw ETH from Crypto Casino

Again, remember about the validation of your documents. Withdrawal is prohibited without it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the My Profile section and choose the Withdraw option;
  • Find the ETH method;
  • Get your wallet number to the form;
  • Confirm the request;
  • Wait for the money to get to your wallet!

Games at Best Ethereum Casino Sites

Video Slots

Soon everything that concerns online gambling will go to the blockchain platform. Now, only a few vendors start experimenting with the new technology. But soon, when such slots will be absolutely fair by definition, everybody will make a transfer to blockchain slot games.

Eutherem Casino Poker

Ethereum poker rooms already appear. Bitcoin poker has been on the market for several years already. Soon the casinos will launch a platform that can get instant transactions between players.


Roulette games now use in-built credits when it comes to the ETH application. So, you need to convert them. Hopefully, there are no restrictions and additional charges.

Ether (ETH) Craps

The same thing concerns craps and other casino table games. New blockchain technologies are about to appear within traditional casino games and Etherium craps in particular.


Blackjack has good potential concerning direct ETH usage, as it has few betting options.

Ethereum Live Casino Games

If a casino accepts ETH, it allows playing with all games, including live ones. Maybe, it cannot accept the ETH directly, but it can convert the deposit into in-game coins or credits in Etherium live casino games.

Sports Betting

Sports betting, on the whole, gets into technology. However, the best results are in video sports and esports – computer games that allow launching crypto platforms with ease. You can bet with CS: GO skins and other valuable Traditional virtual sports are also present in all ETH casinos (if they have a betting platform). More rumors about blockchain virtual sports betting take place. Betting with game merch is already possible as well.

Provably Fair Casino Games

While traditional games only start meeting blockchain, these games already use the technology. These are simple games of luck that do not use complicated algorithms.

  • Plinko – a player adds a bet, chooses the number of dropped bits, and chooses the prize row. A bit hits a price multiplier, and a player gets the bet multiplied by the total sum won.
  • Crash – a player should cash out before the multiplier crashes;
  • Hi-lo is a simple card game, where a player is suggested to guess the next card in the deck and make different bets on the outcome;
  • Jackpot – players place bets, and a random blockchain number generator creates a winning token to be given to a single player who wins the jackpot;
  • Dice – it is a simple algorithm game that uses the random blockchain number generator. A player places a bet. If it loses, a player has to place two times more than he placed in the previous round. When the bet wins, the bet multiplier resets.

Bonuses & Promotions in ETH at Best Crypto Casinos

Now, you can count on various bonuses and promotions that concern traditional games. Blockchain games are not that popular as well, and the bonuses only start to appear. For instance, you will gain more loyalty points playing blockchain games. On the other hand, some casinos exclude cryptocurrency deposits from taking part in promotions.

Legality of ETH Gambling Sites

The legitimacy of such programs will depend both on the legitimacy of the casino licenses and the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency usage in everyday life. Also, some countries can restrict particular vendors. Here are the main countries to consider:

  • The USA will not allow any casinos using ETH as soon as it establishes the laws covering ETH and BTC usage. The currencies are used by private companies, but the casinos must fall under legislation;
  • Canada usually has liberal politics concerning online casinos. It has its own gambling commission office. We could not find any problems with Gamdom ETH casino, for instance;
  • Australia – Australia might have more strict regulations, but it usually accepts the crypto casinos;
  • Germany has no known problems with crypto casinos. However, somehow it bans Gamdom casino.
  • Denmark might ban some casinos, but usually, it does not. Gamdom is available here;
  • NZ – usually its regulations are similar to the Australian rules;
  • France is known as a strict country that restricts many casinos. At the moment, the statement does not concern ETH casinos!

Mobile Ethereum Casinos

Such casinos as FortuneJack, Stake, BitStarz, mBit, or Gamdom allow users to play from any device. They invest much into cross-platform optimization. Unfortunately, they do not have any mobile applications. The trend for independent mobile apps is passing away due to many frauds and illegal imitations. Plus, when it comes to provably fair games and cryptocurrencies, mobile apps are not the most secure way to conduct such activity. What is more, it is difficult enough to develop such apps to be 100% secure.

FAQ About Casinos Accepting ETH

What is the transaction speed of the deposits and withdrawals made with cryptocurrencies?

As a rule, the deposit and withdrawal speed is the fastest, and it equals the time needed to build another block. It takes moments when the casino lets accept Ether, and about ten minutes, when it comes to Bitcoin.

What are the depositing and withdrawal limits concerning Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?

Usually, casinos set their own limitations for withdrawal and deposits. They vary from casino to casino. Usually, casinos accept Ethereum without any major restrictions concerning the total sum.

Do the bonus offers available for me if I use cryptos as a currency?

Again, it will depend on the particular casino. Some of them do not restrict using currencies. The other highlight that deposits made with Ethereum or Bitcoin do not get any bonuses.

What about land-based casinos? Do they accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes, some land-based casinos accept Bitcoin, Etherium, and other altcoins as payment methods.

How do I pay the casino with cryptocurrency?

To fill your balance, you need to create a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet first. THen, indicate it as the billing information after choosing the corresponding payment system in the deposit section of a casino.

Are there any fees charged for using Ethereum as the payment method?

Casinos can set transaction fees over some payment system. However, Etherium players do not suffer from them in the vast majority of cases.