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Top Crypto Blackjack Sites 2023 – Reviewed & Ranked

Stake expert reviewers have done it all for you. They have gone through the game strategies, basics, tricks, and crypto bonuses so that you can lay back and play to your heart’s content. Stake Casino is also providing you a list of the TOP 7 crypto blackjack online casinos in 2023.

7 Best Crypto Casinos to Play Blackjack

Why Choose Stake Casino?

Stake Casino has a fantastic selection of games to choose from. It also offers great exclusive bonuses and a loyal customer return through the VIP program. Other than classic games like Roulette and Blackjack, there are also Crash and Dice games.

What’s more, Stake has 16 games that give you the lowest house edge possible. The casino is provably fair, and has several crypto as well as sports betting options, all transparent and licensed with the Crypto Gambling Foundation seal.

Blackjack (BJ) Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are of 2 types- single table and multi-table. You start with the same bank roll as your opponents and compete with other players and the dealer. The end result should be to win more chips than the players and the dealer.

The tournaments held can also be of the following kinds:

  • Elimination
  • Non elimination or accumulation
  • Live
  • Mini
  • Sit n go
  • Major

Top Software Providers

If you are one of those who go all geeky when thinking about the software providers, the crypto casino software providers is just right for you. The best of the bunch are:

  • PlayTech: This one has a marvellous 700+ games and casinos under its radar.
  • Microgaming: The first one to open its doors to the bitcoin casinos. It has 850+ crypto casino games to its credit.
  • NetEnt: This one is an oldie, with 20 years of casino powering experience.
  • RTG or Real Time Gaming: This one is mainly used as the software for Real Series Slots.
  • Stake Originals: The casino team has developed 16 games utilising provably fair commitment schemes.
  • Play’n Go: This one is new to the business but has lots of crypto slots, video slots, and scratch card games on its list.

Blackjack Crypto Gambling Online: Complete Guide

Playing Blackjack at Online Crypto Casinos is now the new normal in this fast-paced world hooked to the internet.


  • Privacy: Gives you anonymity.
  • Less Fees: Traditional Blackjack Tables charge a heck of a sum that cryptos don’t.
  • Play anywhere: Blackjack while out? Possible!
  • Better bonuses: Since crypto helps save lots from chargeback and deposits, you get the best deals.


  • No regulation
  • No chargeback
  • More volatile


Those casinos which provide the crypto as an add-on feature fall under this category. You can play with crypto or without.

Crypto Only

These are casinos with only crypto or bitcoin payment options like BTC, Ethereum,TRX, EOS, etc.

Provably Fair Gaming

A casino is provably fair only if it sends you the encrypted end result before you place the wager. It lets you check if the RNG worked or not.

Third-Party Auditing- Verification Algorithm
  • Client Seed: A random set of symbols generated by the server or the user which you have to change before you start playing.
  • Server Seed: Generated before the client seed, this one is a random set of 64 symbols made by the server.
  • Proof: Proof of Stake (PoS) is a security system for crypto blockchains that selects validators in proportion to the stake they have in the cryptocurrency.

How to Play Blackjack?

The objective is to get a hand of less than 21 but more than the dealer.

  • Player Action: The player has to put their bet in the circle. Two cards will be given to the player and the dealer. The dealer will show one card. If the dealer has a 10 or an Ace, they check for blackjack. The player can call out their own blackjack or take an insurance which gives 2:1 wins.
  • Options: The options are Blackjack call out and insurance for 2:1 wins.
  • Stand: Once you think their hand is stable and strong, they can stop any further action.
  • Hit: Continuing with the action, you can pick more cards till they bust or stand.
  • Splitting Pairs: If you get cards of the same value in both hands, separate them into two hands, every card being the first card of the new hand.
  • Doubling down: With a good hand, you can double the wager and get one extra card.
  • With two fives: Splitting them is a bad idea.
  • Insurance: If the dealer checks for Blackjack with an exposed Ace, you can call for insurance where you will get a 2:1 reward.
  • Dealer action: The dealer has the first pick in Blackjack. Emulating the dealer is always a good idea.

Stake Casino Payouts

Stake Casino only offers payouts in crypto, so immediate cashing in through fiat is not possible. Stablecoins are not accepted. Payouts are almost instant and without any maximum limit. However, there is the payout fee for each crypto exchange, although pretty nominal.

BJ Variations at Stake – #1 Crypto Casino

European vs American

American Blackjack is more flexible, with better ways to win. There is no hole card in European Blackjack and the other card is only given to the dealer after the players hands are completed. This makes losses a bit higher if they keep splitting or doubling down.

In European Blackjack, a couple of decks are used. In American Blackjack, 6-8 decks are in the game, which makes the house edge bigger. For European Blackjack, you can split but only the 10 value cards, twice, while American Blackjack allows it thrice. European Blackjack also does not have a surrender option.

Live Blackjack

Online Live Blackjack is basically virtual reality with a live dealer instead of a computerized system.

Free Blackjack

Unavailable on Stake, but can be played elsewhere to hone your skills before playing with money.

Mobile Blackjack

You can play Mobile Blackjack through the browser at Stake since Stake does not yet have any mobile app.

Crypto Blackjack Strategies

Try to:

  • Always mirror the dealer.
  • Avoid splitting a hand that has two 10s.
  • With a low hand, like 13 or 16, just stay.
  • Split if you have a pair of aces or 8s.

FAQs about the Crypto Card Games

Are card games in crypto casinos legal?

If the casino is licensed and registered, all games are legal.

Which is the best crypto card game to win big?

Blackjack is the best crypto card game to win big and also the most popular.

Why use crypto?

Crypto uses decentralized exchanges and is readily available. It guarantees anonymity while playing.

Is card counting illegal?

Casinos do not like it, but card counting is not illegal.

When should you decide on insurance in Blackjack?

Generally, never except for some cases. When it is optimal play, it is a good option.