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Top Crypto Baccarat Casinos 2022 – Stake Guide

2022 is the year for bitcoin propelled baccarat. The entertainment has been played in online casinos for a long time. Now, the crypto form has also arrived. This being said, it is high time that you start winning some crypto by playing baccarat at the top online bitcoin casinos like Stake.

Get Best Crypto Casino Bonuses for Baccarat

So, what are you waiting for? Get some of the best high-end crypto casino bonuses for baccarat gambling.

  • Welcome Bonuses are what you get when you sign up for a bitcoin casino for the first time. These are often a lot, going up to 200%. Welcome bonuses are of two types:
    1. With deposit: After registration, you need to deposit a particular amount to get the bonus of up to 100 percent.
    2. No deposit: No deposit is needed. Sign up and get your well-deserved welcome bonus.
  • Daily Promotions: Crypto-powered Casinos like Stake are providing you with daily promotions like the Telegram Challenges to get bonuses every day.
  • Giveaways: Giveaways up to $100K are available to put your hands on, weekly.
  • Cashbacks: Bet an amount and get a percentage of the amount back for betting, or maybe even more than what you bet.
  • Referral: These bonuses work by sending links to your acquaintances and getting them to register on a particular bitcoin casino. Once they do, you both get rewarded.
  • Stake Exclusive 45 Billionth Bet Challenge: This one is Stake Exclusive. You have to bag the 45 billionth bet on any game and get a promised $50. The maximum win is $10,000.

Top Crypto Baccarat Variations – Stake Casino Review

The following are the top crypto baccarat variations available:

  • Punto Banco: It was started in Argentina. Here ‘punto’ means player and ‘banco’ means player. You have to outdo the banker by getting as close to 9 as possible. The house edge is 5 percent, and it is popular in the USA, Europe, and Australia.
  • Chemin de Fer: Also called Chemmie, it has 6 decks of playing cards and only allows the player to bet on themselves.
  • Banque: Also called ‘à deux tableaux’, this is played with 3 decks of cards at two tables, with the dealer placing bets on both hands. Popular in France and USA.
  • European Baccarat: Similar to classic baccarat, you will win based on the greater score with your 2 or 3 card hand.
  • Big Baccarat: It is the royal version with 12-14 players involved and higher stakes of $50 to $100,000. The dealer stands in the middle. The most popular type of Big Baccarat depends mainly on the country. For the USA and Europe, Punto Banco Baccarat and Chemin Baccarat are very popular. Then there are the Banque and the European Baccarat.
  • Mini Baccarat: This is a mobile and miniaturized version of the classic baccarat which you can play on the go, available all over the world. On Stake, you can play it here. It’s for regular players and high rollers. The bets range from $5 to $25 and can have 7 players.

Bet Types in Baccarat Game

For Baccarat, the bets are on the Player side, the Dealer or Banker side, and the Tie side.

Baccarat Odds and House Edge

To make the most out of your bets placed, the baccarat odds and house edges must be noted:

Bet Type House Edge
Banker 1.06%
Player 1.36%
Tie 14.40%

Available Formats

  • Live Dealer. In crypto-powered casinos and in all other online casinos, baccarat and other table card games are readily available. This gives a hands-on experience and a holistic casino feel. The same can be seen for Live Lightning Baccarat at Stake, powered by Evolution Gaming.
  • Mobile. Mini Baccarat is available on mobile as the table layout of 7 players can be easily followed.
  • Virtual Reality (VR). As for the trends, VR tables including baccarat s on the rise in 2022.

Baccarat Crypto Gambling Basics – Stake Casino Explains

Crypto Baccarat is basically a game of luck and a bit of strategy. You have to score as close to 9 as possible, but more than your dealer. If you exceed 9, you lose.

Crypto vs Classic Baccarat Play

There are classic and provably fair baccarat with the latter available in crypto only. Playing provably fair games, you get the encrypted result beforehand and check if it matches and the gameplay is fair. Try licensed with the Crypto Gambling Foundation Stake Originals Baccarat and see yourself!

How to Play with Cryptocurrency?

Playing with cryptocurrency is easy, quick, and much more advanced with the fastest withdrawals. Here’s how:

  • Buy coins from a Cryptocurrency brokerage and store them in your crypto wallet
  • Register on a bitcoin casino, e.g. Stake
  • Select the baccarat in the Table Games section
  • Use your deposited crypto (e.g. BTC, ETH, TRX, or EOS) to bet on either your dealer’s hand or your own
  • Now you are ready to take a shot!

Alternatively, Baccarat can be played for real money at some bitcoin online casinos including Stake. Demo or free baccarat is available in most casinos. So that you can get yourself up-to-date with the game first and then play for Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency.

Stake Casino Tips and Proven Baccarat Strategies

Strategy is an inherent aspect needed to win any game. Knowing a few tricks will help you make more profit from the game. Some of the tricks are:

  • Never put your stake on the tie bet.
  • Keep wagering on the banker till the end.
  • Traditional baccarat >>> Mini baccarat.
  • Understanding how the odds work is always in your favour.
  • Try to be consistent with your bet runs. Follow the pattern. If it changes, change your bet.
  • Understand when the player and the banker take hits respectively.

Once your bet wins, you can get your payouts instantly through crypto. But, how do you get big wins?

Here’s how:

  • Learn the rules of the game by heart
  • Understand the dealing of the cards with the help of the two hands- banker and player and the clockwise passing of the cards from a shoe
  • Learn the scoring process
  • Make sure you know how a hit works for the banker and the player
  • Understand how the odds work
  • Be consistent with your bet runs
  • Try to bet on the banker most of the time
  • Calculate your wins and losses and how much money you are willing to let go of
  • Always, always go with your intuition

Also, Baccarat is very fast! Even if you bet pennies, you can end up losing a lot of money. So these are some tips for money management:

  • Pocket Trick: Place a bankroll limit and stop once you have exhausted it.
  • Loss and win limits: Placing a limit on how much you lose and win can help you.
  • No all-in: Never make all-in bets at baccarat.
  • Concentration: Avoid alcohol and focus on the table.


How to win at Crypto Baccarat?

To win at Crypto Baccarat, you will need to understand the basics of the game and make sure you bet on the Banker and Player, not the Tie.

Is Baccarat through Crypto Gambling even legal?

Yes, it is legal, but checking the license of the bitcoin casino before playing is a must.

Is Bitcoin gambling available at Stake Casino?

Yes, Bitcoin play at Stake Casino is legit.

Is BTC the most dependable cryptocurrency for online crypto casino gambling?

BTC is the go-to cryptocurrency for gambling and likewise the very best.