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Have you been dreaming about the stable passive income coming from a reliable partner? Are you struggling to find a way to make real money on the Internet without scams and huge investments?

You can search no more, as you’ve just faced Stake, a successful online betting and casino service with its fabulous affiliate program!

Stake Affiliate Program – What’s in It for You?

Stake is looking for active partners willing to make real money. The country you originate from does not matter. As soon as it does not ban online gambling completely, you have a chance to get in!

In addition, everything is done remotely, so you do not need to book a business trip. We have partners from the USA, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries around the world.

It is enough words. Let’s find out the ways you can help us and make yourself money. First, let’s consider 3 possible ways of corporations and affiliate payouts.


The majority of casinos count the share of their affiliates from the money an attracted user leaves in a casino.
For instance, you attract a person to a casino, a player deposits $5,000 and loses $500 in one month.

With an affiliation program of 1%, you are getting $5. Stake.com takes the whole sum of a deposit into the account. It means that in the same situation, you are getting $50 from the same $5,000 client’s deposit. Your share is counted from all the sum wagered in a casino, both deposited, won and withdrawn.

Note that wagering does not include the bonus sums clients get from the casino — only real money deposited through one of the payment methods counts.

Rev Share

At the same time, a more traditional scheme is available. You can count on a share of the final revenue of a casino. It means that at the end of the period, you are getting a part of a final casino profit. In this case, you are getting access to the whole block of accounting documents, and our managers are explaining to you the funds you deserve.


The final option is called CPA. Everyone familiar with Internet advertising should know this abbreviation. For the others, it means cost per acquisition (action). This form of cooperation means that you are getting the referral links, and you are paid for the certain action a user performs after following them.

For example, you can be paid for every registration in the casino performed from your link.

VIP Affiliate Program

We’ve got even more interesting offers for our future partners. To learn about the VIP affiliation program, you should contact the support team of the casino.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the share of the money you are getting as an affiliate from the Stake services. For instance, you have got a 2% conversion rate. It means that every client you get the Stake casino and bookmaker will bring you 2% of their wager sum.

If there are five clients per month getting a thousand dollars per month on average, you are getting 5 x 1,000 = 5,000 x 0.02 = $100 per month. By the way, to improve your probability of making money, Stake launches a special Retaining Program.

Any Questions?

Have you finished reading about Stake.com affiliation program (as well as about the client retaining program)? Now do you want to become our partner? Simply contact us directly via any possible way of communication. We’ll supply you with further instructions via live chat or email.

As soon as you become our partner, we will support constant communication with you, supplying you with materials, details, tips, and reposts concerning your performance.